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The delicious, soft durian fruit is a renowned tropical fruit recognized for its distinct scent and flavor. Many South-East Asian countries regard the durian as the "king of fruits."


The durian fruit is indigenous to the rainforests of Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia. While there are up to thirty Durio species, only nine have been recognized for edible fruit production. Four to five years after planting, the durian tree begins to bear fruit. Depending on the species, the tree can reach a height of 50 meters. 


Durian is a seasonal fruit that is available from June to August, coinciding with the seasons of other tropical fruits such as mangosteen, jackfruit, and mango. Durian seeds are small, round to oval-shaped kernels that resemble jackfruit seeds. Although boiling seeds are safe to consume, many people throw them away. The seeds have a bland flavor similar to jackfruit seeds. 


Durio is a Southeast Asian genus that belongs to the Malvaceae family and contains 20-30 species, at least eight of which are edible. Durio zibethinus, the most economically important species of Order Durian Online (Malay meaning "thorny fruit"), has been cultivated for millennia in south-east Asia. Its big white nocturnal flowers are borne directly on the principal branches (a phenomenon known as cauliflory), which must later be robust enough to support the heavy fruits.


Durio zibethinus, or order durian online, is so prevalent in Southeast Asia that there are literally hundreds of cultivars. This is also the only animal that is traded on a global scale. If you're ready to pay roughly £20 for one, you can easily find durian in London's Chinatown.


Its edible flesh has a peculiar odor that can be described as powerful and penetrating, detectable from a distance even when the husk is intact. The distinctive foul and powerful stench of the durian fruit may have inspired many individuals to express a wide range of odd opinions ranging from sincere thanks to revulsion!